Sweet Pro 16-24 Block

Sweet Pro 16-24 Block

  • $160.00

650-1000lbs - First Calf heifers, stockers on grass, purebred operations 

SweetPro® 16-24 protein supplement is designed for the essential fortification for heifers, brood cows, stocker cattle and goats. Often referred to as the “heifer block” because of its effectiveness helping the heifer continue her growth and maturity while nursing a calf and conceiving a second, aa program that allows maximum energy value from non-starch substrates. The product focus is on complex (structural) carbohydrate and high by-pass protein value in the distillers grain carrier along with top quality vitamin and mineral package with organic complexed trace minerals to maximize bioavailability.

SweetPro blocks support calving and clean-up. They are an effective tool to support breed-back nutrition with a fertility-enhancing flushing benefit, and to support the likelihood of conception on the first service.


The expected range of consumption is from 0.75 to 1.25 lbs (.34 to .56 kg) per head per day.